Mountain of Truth

by: Dr. Michael Cochran

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ISBN: 9781630843403

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Dr. Michael Cochran currently resides in Delaware Ohio where he has worked for one of the nation’s leading Grocery chains for the last seven years. Some time ago, he began writing inspirational articles for their company newsletter, which is just one of the opportunities Dr. Michael has received to share his insights and experiences of knowing God as his Father! Born in Ronceverte West Virginia in 1954, Michael grew up in Rainelle West Virginia where, in 1970 as a sophomore in High School he was born again through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord! Life as a Christian since being a young man has been rich in experiencing God’s grace and faithfulness, which included studying Business Administration at West Virginia University to his service in the U.S. Air Force for four years and being stationed in Japan as well as stateside at Andrews Air Force Base in the Washington, D.C. Area up to his life today as a father of six and a grandfather of ten and growing! Some years ago, Michael sensed the Lord directing him to gain a more formal Bible education and so enrolled in True Hope Bible Institute, a distance learning Bible college through which in 2013 he ultimately earned a Doctoral Degree in Theology! While “Christian Focus” magazine recently published one of Dr. Michael’s articles, he is a continuing author for “Believer Live Magazine” and over fifty articles have been included in various publications serving the international community! Dr. Michael (as his friends call him) writes articles that deal with spiritual living in Christ which is part of God’s calling him to the ministry of a Teacher. However, Dr. Michael’s teaching is not merely academic exercise with theological theory that limits learning to a classroom and books, but rather Dr. Michael teaches a useful, practical understanding of God’s Word and of His Will that is not only refreshing but actually helpful in real life situations where a person fails or succeeds as a child of God in this world! May God bless you with fresh insights and better understandings as you read this book written by Dr. Michael Cochran!

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