Real Time

by: Robert Henry Hazlett

Price: $24.95

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ISBN: 1-4241-8906-3

# Pages: 151 pages

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

Format: Softcover

Latest News: Less than 30 pct of all books are bought in real bookstores.

Product Description
Matt Casey, a recent college graduate, applies for a reality TV show in hopes of winning the one million dollar prize to pay off his substantial student loans and to help his long-suffering mother. Matt and the other seven contestants soon discover through a series of riveting and intense occurrences that all is not what they had been led to believe.

As their situation becomes increasingly dark, the paranoia within the group reaches a fever pitch. Who is responsible for their predicament? How will the guilty be punished? Whom can they trust? Can they survive?

As their brutal roller coaster ride comes to its final conclusion, who will be left standing?

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