The strength of an android device lies in its applications, and nowadays, there is an app for almost every activity. You can get a lot of apps on your phone’s google play store from tools, simple housekeeping, shopping to media. Since most of the daily activity and necessity is mingled with digital apps, you do not want to be unhooked from these precious devices. Even students have in the recent past seen their life metamorphose into safer, easier and fun by having these android apps. The following Android applications help students in their daily activities ranging from waking up to note-taking.

Taking notes

Today, it is difficult to find college or school students without tablets or mobiles. Students normally carry along these gadgets wherever they go. Note-taking applications such as FiiNote, Google Keep, Evernote, and OneNote have therefore become convenient methods of taking notes. They are growing very fast in popularity amongst students.onenote

Capturing lectures

A few years ago, when attending seminars students had no choice except for writing down important information on notepads. Today there are terrific and useful recording applications in the android market that help students to record lectures. You can, therefore, stay tuned by using android apps such as audio recorder, lecture recordings and easy voice recorder.


In today’s era of technological advancement, revision applications seem to be a business of high possibility. Because of these applications, students today consider revising lessons as an activity that is fun-like rather than a burden and tiresome activity. Quizlet, Quick Recall, Gomizo and My Study Life are some of the most common revision apps.

Student plan apps

studntplannerStudent planner android applications are fast rising in popularity as they help out students to organize their activity, send alerts and reminders concerning lessons, exam, homework and other things. My Study Life, Student Schedule, and Student Planner are examples of common and reputable applications which normally come with timetables to make students’ work easy.

In case you have fast and simultaneous internet connection as well as Android devices then your student life can be exciting and fun rather than tiresome and full of worries. You need to stay tuned to thee applications if you have been using them and give them a try if you have never used them.