Practices for Preventing Privacy and Data Breaches

A security breach may have various meanings. One of them is how it relates to information technology which is advanced today. A security breach is a situation in which someone intentionally misuses network, data access or systems in a way that affect organization’s data, operations or system security negatively. The risk for any organization high when it comes to such breaches ranging from the calculable cost of business loss to less tangible effects on customer loyalty and company’s brand. The following are ways of increasing the efforts necessary to breach the security of the computers and networks.

Change the default passwords

Most applications and devices are usually protected using default passwords and usernames. Attackers are well aware of this. You need to run a search for the default passwords on the web and see why they should be changed. Using good password policies is the right way to go but using character strings which are different from the default is a great step.password

Do not reuse passwords

You may have run into situations whereby the same password/username combination is used over and over thus realizing it is easy. If you know this, then attackers know so also. If they get their hands on your password/username combination, they will try it elsewhere so never make this easy for them.

Look beyond IT security

To eliminate threats to your organization, security has to be way beyond your IT department. A company has to evaluate remote project protocol, the off-site data storage practices as well as employee exit strategies. After this, they need to establish and enforce procedures and policies as well as physical safeguards which are appropriate to their findings.

Examine security logs

Administrators who have experience in their work know about baselining, and they normally try to review the system logs daily. Security logs are the first defense line as far as security breaches are concerned.

Regular network scan

Comparing the network regularly scans to the operational baseline inventory is a practice that all companies need to practice. It allows administrators to know when and if rogue equipment has been installed on your network at a glance. Using built-in Microsoft command net view is one way of scanning your network. The other option is using freeware programs such as NetView. They are in a GUI format and are informative.

Provide technical support and training

technicalsupportMake sure that the same data security standards are applied everywhere regardless of the location by giving mobile workers straightforward procedures and policies. These should ensure that authentication and security software is installed on the mobile devices and they are updated. The mobile workers also need to be given adequate technical support as well as training.…

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